These stories are took place last week, we hope that you enjoy them!

The Dinner Party

On May 17th 2015
What started off as a slow game drive, with few sightings, our guests were suddenly delighted to come across a young female leopard in the bush veld. On second glance we discovered that there were actually two leopard together! We watched and waited in anticipation to see what they’d do together. We didn’t have to wait long as in the distance we saw a lone impala. The hunt was on.

The leopards stalked, then raced toward the unsuspecting impala, taking him down in minutes. We watched as they ripped him apart and devoured him like a tasty treat. Gloriously gory. We enjoyed ample time watching the leopards feast on their impala meal for two.

A while later a pack of wild dogs disrupt the wild dinner party by chasing off the now very full leopards and stealing the remains. Later still, the Hyena crash the party, wanting to be included and the event turned into a concert of squeals, howls, yelps and laughter.

Watching from a safe distance in our vehicle, guests included, everyone had a great time!

King of the Jungle

From May 21st 2015
Driving along, we are interrupted by a lion running through the thick of the bush and out into the road in front of the game drive vehicle. Stoping to stare we notice the remains of an animal dangling out of his mouth. There is a collective gasp when we realize what he has killed.

Predator to predator the Lion remains the King of the Jungle. A rare sighting indeed, we see that he has hunted a killed an African Wild Dog!

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